Pandora is expanding its ‘Billionaires’ artist milestone program with the launch of eight new stations for Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Alternative, Dance, Classic Rock, R&B and Hard Rock that feature music from artists who have hit one Billion streams on Pandora.

You can now listen to Jason Aldean, the top Country artist on Pandora with over 11 Billion streams to date, on the Country Billionaires station. Each station is composed of top tracks from all of the artists who have one Billion or more streams in that genre so fans can celebrate and enjoy the music from their favorite artists, in their favorite genres.

“Pandora’s Billionaires stations are cool to be a part of because they’re the biggest songs. So, to be the most streamed Country artist is huge to me,” said Aldean.

Pandora listeners can find the new stations in the ‘Billionaires’ module on For You on the Pandora App.


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