Congratulations to the Fan of the Month for April – Holly. Learn more about Holly below.

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Where are you from? Pigeon Forge, TN

What was the first Jason Aldean song you heard? “Hicktown”

How many years have you been a Jason Aldean fan? 15

How many Jason Aldean shows have you been to? 1

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Jason Aldean concert? Knoxville, TN

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Jason Aldean fans? I’m not sure what sets me apart from other fans. We are all fans for our own reasons. He is a great artist and none of his songs disappoint. I have spent hours learning line dances to compete with, my first line dance competition was done to “She’s Country.” (We won that competition!) I have gotten drunk to Jason Aldean music. I have fallen in love, had first kisses to his songs. I have had my heart broken and listened to songs and cried myself to sleep. There is always a Jason Aldean song that I can relate with for any time in my life. My all time forever favorite will be “Night Train.”

Tell us your favorite Jason Aldean related story. Getting tickets to Jason Aldean in Knoxville!! And getting to hang out at his roof top bar in Nashville!

Congratulations go out to Holly, she will be receiving a Jason Aldean prize pack!



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