Congratulations to the Fan of the Month for March – Anthony. Learn more about Anthony below.

JA Fan of the Month March

Where are you from? Summerville, SC

What was the first Jason Aldean song you heard? “Dirt Road Anthem”

How many years have you been a Jason Aldean fan? 10

How many Jason Aldean shows have you been to? 10

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Jason Aldean concert? Charlotte, NC

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Jason Aldean fans? I’m not sure what sets me apart. Aldean has an amazing fan base who loves to party and listen to country music. If I had to pick something it would be my love for his music. I know just about every lyric, I own every CD and just got a kick ass hat at the show on Thursday. I don’t just listen to his music, I love his music. I entered for meet and greets and constantly checked my email hoping I would win. Although I didn’t win, I was sad, but still went and partied my butt off. Aldean concerts cannot be compared to any other. Ultimately I just love country music so much!

Tell us your favorite Jason Aldean related story. I went to the Columbia, SC show this past week. “Big Green Tractor” is me and the wife’s favorite song. I went to the bathroom, got a beer and figured I would grab a Jason Aldean hat real quick while the lines were down. Well “Big Green Tractor” came on during the purchase so I had to hurry up and run back to my seats to dance with the wife. In the process I fell over my boots and landed on my face. I did not spill my beer and got to dance with my beautiful wife. I also got an awesome Aldean trucker hat. That will be a memory for the ages.

Congratulations go out to Anthony, he will be receiving a Jason Aldean prize pack!



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