Congratulations to the Fan of the Month for July – Samantha. Learn more about her below.


Where are you from? Gonzales, LA

What was the first Jason Aldean song you heard? “Cowboy Lady”

How many years have you been a Jason Aldean fan? 15+

How many Jason Aldean shows have you been to? 15

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Jason Aldean concert? Dallas, Texas

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Jason Aldean fans? My love for Jason Aldean began in the 7th grade as a special bond that I shared with my very best friend. We instantly bonded over our love of Jason Aldean’s music, realizing that we had something in common. This bond quickly turned into countless sleepovers, staying up all night listening to “Big Green Tractor” on repeat and jumping on the bed, pretending that we were at an Aldean concert. At that time neither of us knew what the future held, and what a huge impact Jason Aldean’s music would have on our lives. Just a short time later, our lives were changed forever. My best friend was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer at the young age of 15. Unfortunately, on January 16, 2014, my dear friend Aimee passed away. Jason Aldean’s music was a constant fixture in Aimee and I’s friendship. When times were good, we’d jam out to “She’s Country” and “Hicktown”, and when times were tough, we cried to “Fast” and “Heartache That Don’t Stop Hurting”. After my best friend passed, I leaned on Jason’s music to help me grieve and heal. When I needed to feel close to my dear friend again, I’d pop in an old Aldean CD she made for me and turned it up loud to remember all of the good times we shared together. Shortly after losing Aimee, I went to an Aldean concert and truly felt that she was there with me in spirit. Ever since, I made a promise to myself that I would go to as many Jason Aldean concerts as possible and sing along for the two of us. As tribute to my friend’s wild and crazy spirit, over the years I’ve evolved into a crazy Aldean Army Superfan…one that makes posters, T-shirts, screams and sings at the top of my lungs, and jumps up and down entire concert. Over the course of my many years of attending Aldean concerts, Jason has signed my cowgirl hat and even taken a selfie on my phone during one of his shows!! My ultimate goal is to finally have the opportunity to meet Jason Aldean, so I can thank him in person for sharing his music with the world, as he has impacted my life in unimaginable ways.

Tell us your favorite Jason Aldean related story. My favorite Jason Aldean story was when Jason took a selfie on my cell phone while performing “The Only Way I Know” in LSU Tiger Stadium at Bayou Country Superfest! That was undoubtedly the coolest concert experience I’ve ever had!

Congratulations go out to Samantha, she will be receiving a Jason Aldean prize pack!

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