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Congratulations to the Fan of the Month for February – Paul. Learn more about him below.


Where are you from? Plymouth, MA

What was the first Jason Aldean song you heard? “Hicktown”

How many years have you been a Jason Aldean fan? 14

How many Jason Aldean shows have you been to? 5

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Jason Aldean concert? 2 hour plane ride to Nashville

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Jason Aldean fans? I love his music from the 1st time I ever heard it. I absolutely love that all his music isn’t the same style and he always keeps you guessing what the next song is gonna bring. He’s my modern day Johnny Cash. I feel that I can relate to Jason in parts of his career like when he took his first step into public singing at the VFW, just like myself in my career once you got to that point in chasing a dream and it’s finally go time, you’re scared that you perform for something you’ve been dreaming about doing for your entire life up to that point.

Congratulations go out to Paul, he will be receiving a Jason Aldean prize pack!

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