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Congratulations to the Fan of the Month for July – Andy. Learn more about Andy below.

JA Andy

Where are you from? Lehighton, PA

What was the first Jason Aldean song you heard? Hicktown

How many years have you been a Jason Aldean fan? 10

How many Jason Aldean shows have you been to? 9

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Jason Aldean concert? 2 hours

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Jason Aldean fans? My daughter attends every JA show with me

Tell us your favorite Jason Aldean related story: My daughter and I attended our first Jason Aldean show on 8/25/2011 in Scranton PA. Since that concert we have made it an annual tradition have attended a Aldean concert every year for her birthday (and a couple in between if they come to town). My favorite so far was Hershey, PA 5/30/2015- Jason Aldean ended the show and pulled my daughter Autumn up on stage to wave goodnight to the stadium. My most memorable moment has yet to come; my sister and I will be celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday with her 10th Jason Aldean concert this summer in Camden, NJ. Thank You Jason Aldean for all the memories made so far!!

Congratulations go out to Andy, he will be receiving a Jason Aldean prize pack!

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