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I absolutely adore Jason ♠ Aldean for obvious reasons... His music albums hardly ever leave my CD player... Everyone that gets in my car knows they will be hearing some Aldean playin' ;-) One of the few artists I can honestly say that I love every song they make - very rare! Jason has brought SO much to country music that no one else has - he is undoubtedly unique and by far an original blending country with a rock twang :-) Keep using what you got Jason!! I also admire how he stands his ground ALWAYS while being a TRUE gentleman.. THANKS FOR MAKING MUSIC "YOUR" WAY!! I have only been to 13 concerts / events of JUST Jason's so far (JA is "THE" Entertainer) which are listed below and I plan on going to MANY more.. Have been to other concerts before, but nothing even compares to the shows Jason puts on!!! It is unlike anything... So glad I've been a fan where I can see Jason's success skyrocket, he is very genuine and deserving... Keep up the hard work Jason and 'the boys'! Appreciate all that you do for your fans!!! Would love to go to every concert if I could, but when I get a concert close enough I sure put up a fight and I'm there! Nothing and I do mean NOTHING comes between me and an Aldean concert... Congrats Jason on all your many accomplishments including the historic shows at University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium, Fenway, and Wrigley - a hard road to success that is well deserved..

My Momma is now an "official" Aldean Army Member her username is tanleggedjuliet_22 so why don't y'all give her a shoutout?! She is my ever faithful concert buddy. ♥


♪ 09/15/12 2ND M&G was pretty short, but OH SO amazing!!! I got to see that sexy cowboy hat and those gorgeous green eyes :-) I'll admit Jason had me a little tongue tied, but I managed to get my M&G picture from CMA Fest autographed and I gave him a camo Georgia Bulldogs hat to show my thanks for all he does for us (his fans). And I got a lovely "Thank you, Sweetheart" from Jason, AWW... LOVE HIM - Life is complete♥

♫ 05/14/13 I went to the CMA Fest taping for Jason Aldean and I was the 3RD person back from the center of the stage. I waved at him and Jason waved back in all his sexiness... Haha!!! It was WONDERFUL - one of the best nights of my life :-)

♪ 10/08/13 I attended the Pre-screening of JA's "Night Train to Georgia" and I sat right in first row directly in front of the mic stand! I had no idea Jason would be at the movie theatre, but that was obviously a great clue. When Jason was standing in front of me I told him that "I can officially have a heart attack now!" and he just smiled and laughed at me. Later, I ran into Jason in the parking lot and got to talk to him and get a picture with him! One of life's unexpected moments.

♫ 10/14/13 During the Facebook LIVE Chat & DVD Special Jason not only answered just one of my comments, but TWO!!!!! Again, I thought I would die from happiness. Out of thousands of comments it's still hard to believe he picked two of mine to answer! INCREDIBLE ;-) Thank you, JASON XO.

♪ 10/24/13 At the Memphis show I got a wave back and some staredowns by both Jake Owen & Jason Aldean! :-)

♫ Getting to attend and sit at one of the tables amongst the country stars at the CMTAOTY awards was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will never forget!!!! Jason's speech was the best one he's gave to date. It was so heartfelt and he looked happier and more comfortable than he's ever been in a long time!!! It was wonderful to witness. I was yelling like a crazy fool Haha!! ;-) And he noticed by mentioning us fans 3 times. I love it <3 I was also the first person to stand up when I knew it was time for him to accept his award.

♪ 05/24/14 Got a wave back from the bossman himself! 1st row in VIP PIT @Indy 500 Legends Day.

Proud Aldean Army Member since July 2011 but has been a loyal fan for WAY longer!

~Concerts in counting with Jason ♥ 2011: May 14 - Indianapolis, IN w/ Eric Church ~ 2012: February 24 - Nashville, TN w/ Luke Bryan & Kelly Clarkson ~ May 17 - Birmingham, AL w/ Luke Bryan, Tracy Lawrence, & Kylie Morgan (I was on camera during the filming of this concert for the E! T.V. Channel show called "Opening Act") ~ June 07 - Aldean Army Event during CMA Fest Nashville, TN 1ST M&G :-) ~ September 15 - Indianapolis, IN w/ Luke Bryan 2ND M&G with Jason :-) ~ 2013: April 25 - Evansville, IN w/ Jake Owen & Thomas Rhett M&G w/ Rich Redmond (JA's Drummer) :-) ~ May 14 - Nashville, TN Exclusive CMA Fest Taping w/ the man himself, Darius Rucker, & Kacey Musgraves ~ August 15 - Cincinnati, OH w/ Jake Owen & Thomas Rhett ~ September 10 - ACM Honors Nashville, TN ~ October 8 - Nashville, TN "Night Train to Georgia" Exclusive DVD Pre-screening 2ND time meeting Rich & 3RD M&G w/ Jason :-) ~ October 24 - Memphis, TN w/ Jake Owen & Thomas Rhett ~ December 03 - Nashville, TN CMTAOTY ~ 2014: May 24 - Indianapolis, IN w/ Tyler Farr UP NEXT: ??? ♠ Time to Burn It Down!!!! ;-)


Nashville, TN
College / University
"She’s ok not knowing, She’s young and the world’s wide open!!"


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"When She Says Baby" or the usual which is... JA (of course), Jake Owen, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Kip Moore, Thomas Rhett, or Eric Church :-) Outside of country music my other love is OneRepublic ♥ Music is my EVERYTHING!!!
Going to
JA's shows ~ Thank you Jason & FC for both of my M&G's.. 2 of the BEST days I will ever have!
(SIGNED) "Night Train To Georgia" DVD :-) Proves JA is a country superstar who will be around for a long time!
JA co-host the 2013 CMT Awards!!!! Yes, please ;-)
Voting JA for any award nomination he gets!!
Any magazine (article) that has Jason on the cover!
On buying the next JA show's pre-sale tickets!!! ;-) Ready for those 2014 dates to be released!
"Night Train To Georgia" over and over again!!


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